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About Me

Scientist/bioengineer in-training enjoying the pursuit of life-long learning. I'm passionate about preventative and precision medicine. Iā€™m currently building through the intersection between bioengineering and biotechnology at the University of Toronto.

I also host the Think Like a Scientist Podcast.

My values

<aside> šŸ’” Lifelong Learning I embrace a growth mindset. I enjoy the journey, not the destination. Iā€™m grateful for every failure, rejection, risk, and uncertainty. They all have something for me to learn.


<aside> šŸ„° Gratitude Iā€™m grateful for feedback, rejection, and challenge. Iā€™m grateful for every opportunity to become a better version of myself.


<aside> šŸ§  Driven by my Why My experiences have driven my curiosity to innovate and build better systems, biotechnologies, and novel therapeutics.


<aside> šŸš— Integrity This word comes from the Latin adjective integrate, which means "to make whole.ā€ I strive to be authentic to every part of who I am throughout my work and life.


Chat with me about bioengineering, tech, or collabs!

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